Which is the best lavalier microphone?

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Introduction of lavalier microphone.

best wireless lavalier microphone

Self-media era, everyone can use cell phones, cameras, GoPro and other devices to record their lives and spread their ideas to others.

Many times, we are far away from the technical equipment for filming or the open outdoors, the radio becomes a very big problem with itself.

Compared to traditional microphones, lavalier microphones are smaller and lighter, and the wearer will feel more comfortable and weightless for long-term use.

If there are any mistakes, welcome to correct the big guy.

1.Signal to Noise Ratio

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) refers to the signal-to-noise ratio in an electronic device or electronic system. The signal here is the electronic signal from outside the device that needs to be processed by this equipment, and the noise is the irregular extra signal (or information) that does not exist in the original signal generated after this equipment, which does not change with the original signal.

At this point, the blackboard is struck, and in layman’s terms, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio of the equipment, the less noise is generated. In general business, the greater the signal-to-noise ratio, indicating that the less noise they mix in the signal, the higher the sound quality level of the sound for playback, otherwise we the opposite. Signal-to-noise ratio should generally not be less than 70dB, the signal-to-noise ratio of high-fidelity speakers should reach more than 110dB.

2. (Microphone) directivity

Microphone directivity is the description of the microphone’s sensitivity pattern to sound from all directions in space and is an important attribute of the microphone. (It can be done without much understanding)

3. Sensitivity

In layman’s terms, by microphone sensitivity, we mean microphone pickup capability. Of course, higher sensitivity doesn’t always mean better sound, but it does mean taking environmental factors into account.

4. Frequency Response

The wider the frequency response, the better the ability to pick up sound, but the quality of sound processing will gradually decrease.

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