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We can’t live without bowls and chopsticks each day. Meals can’t eat and drink without the need of bowls and chopsticks. What kind of bowl and chopsticks should we choose and how long will be the best? Let’s learn a lot more about it.

Bamboo and wood tableware

bamboo cutlery set

Several families, in particular those with old people today, tend to work with wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks. Within the perspective of raw elements, they come from nature and they are relatively safer and healthier. Even so, bamboo and wooden chopsticks are straightforward to get moldy when they meet with h2o, primarily in the kitchen. If the lighting and ventilation are not superior, long-term use will cause hidden dangers to wellbeing.

Suggestions: if bamboo chopsticks are used at home, it really is recommended to swap them once a month or two; similarly, wooden chopsticks are not recommended to be employed too prolonged, and regular wooden chopsticks are recommended for being replaced once three to four months.

Plastic tableware

Plastic tableware, even if it may be put into the safe plastic dining area of microwave oven, will age right after long-term use. The most obvious aging symptom is that cracks appear on the surface of tableware. Once you will find a crack, it means which the tableware should be changed

Ceramic and glass tableware

Ceramic and glass tableware are produced of organic supplies, so they can be used all the time as long as being the bears and adults don’t fall or smash. The porcelain that is preserved in ancient times shows everything.

Suggestion: most of the women buy Tableware. When they buy Tableware, they shell out consideration on the pattern of tableware. Mainly because the pattern of tableware is colored glaze, and also the safety and quality requirements of colored glaze are various, there will still be some security problems, so we try to choose tableware without the need of pattern on the inner wall of container.

Stainless steel and silver tableware

In buy to prevent the family’s children from eating and breaking the bowl, several families will use stainless steel bowl, generally regarded as “iron bowl”, that may stand the test of time. But don’t be greedy and cheap when buying. Pay out special consideration towards the composition of stainless steel. Be careful when buying Sanwu solutions, the whole family may have chronic metal poisoning.

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